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4 Reasons Why You Need To Turn Your Sentences Into Questions

April 8, 2021

Today I would love to shine those neurons of yours by talking about why you need to communicate with question marks instead of periods.

You know how you start a conversation and it is going well. All of a sudden something happens before you even realize what happens you are in an argument:

This person tells you: "Don't tell me what to do!"

And you are like: "No, I didn't tell you what to do".

And you are confused...

Sounds familiar? 

Well those things happen automatically because our subconscious mind is picking up on subtle stuff. May be you are not intentionally creating this, obviously... But for some reason your selection of words, your tonality and your body language in your sentences create that outcome.

And in order for you to refrain from these problems I have 4 reasons why you need to turn those sentences of yours into questions.

If you are ready, let's go!

Made with love ❤️  for a better world, with more love ❤️  and #shinyminds ...

By Shiny Burcu Unsal

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